The Game is vowing to keep Nipsey Hussle’s memory alive.

After sharing his emotional reaction to the rapper’s tragic death last month, The Game is now choosing to celebrate Hussle’s life and legacy with a post about his friendship with the Los Angeles native each day.

“The 1st thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is you bro,” he captioned a black and white photo of Hussle on Wednesday (April 17). “I don’t have to force the thought, you’re just there,” The Game continued. The 39-year-old went on to admit he still had lingering questions about Hussle’s passing and has yet to accept the reality of the beloved musician and philanthropist not being here.

“I look at my daughter & I think about yours… I look at my sons & I think about yours,” he wrote, referring to Hussle’s 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son with Lauren London. “I look around the world & I see the love. People standing unified from all over,” the rapper added.

In another post, The Game continued those sentiments about unity, explaining his unlikely friendship with Hussle despite their gang affiliations. Hussle previously admitted to once being a member of L.A.’s Rollin’ 60s Crips while The Game has ties to the Cedar Block Piru Blood gang. However, none of that prevented the two from forming a lasting bond.

“My n—a threw up 60’s so much, you had to throw yo s—t back up just so you wasn’t over-powered by his,” he captioned a post of himself with Hussle at a studio. “When we grew up, it wasn’t ever kool to kick it with no crips if you was bloodin’ & vice versa.. but when Snoop Dogg embraced me when I came in the game it brought a new understanding of how REAL n—s separated themselves from the confinement of what LA gang bangin was at that time,” The Game explained.

“I was just saying how dope it was to be able to break the color lines to which we were loyal to, to show the world that a crip & blood could tour the world together, create a friendship & bond that would serve as an example for the next generation of young African American kids growing up in the same darkness,” he shared with his followers.

“In the end, What I’m really saying is I miss my n—a dearly !!! What a pure soul,” he concluded. Read both of his heartfelt posts to Hussle in full ahead.