Diana Ross is stepping up to defend her dearly departed friend, Michael Jackson.

On Saturday (March 23), the revered singer took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the late King of Pop following HBO’s airing of “Leaving Neverland” earlier this month. In the controversial documentary directed by Dan Reed, two men allege Jackson sexually molested them when they were children. Since then, radio stations have banned his music and an episode of “The Simpsons” featuring Jackson has been pulled from broadcast and streaming.

“I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is [a] magnificent incredible force to me and to many others,” she wrote. “STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE,” she added, a reference to her 1965 hit “Stop! In the Name of Love” with The Supremes. According to the 74-year-old, she felt the need to share that with her followers because it was “on [her] heart” that morning.

Jackson and Ross had a longtime friendship during his career, dating back to when he first met the pop diva at the age of 9. The two artists were both signed to Motown in the 1970s and it has been reported that Jackson idolized Ross. Ross and Jackson would later star together in the 1978 musical film “The Wiz” as Dorothy and the Scarecrow, respectively.

In the wake of his death in June 2009, documents revealed Ross was listed in Jackson’s will as the secondary caregiver to his three children. “I can’t stop crying, this is too sudden and shocking. I am unable to imagine this,” Ross reportedly said at the time. “My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family.”

In his 1988 memoir, aptly titled “Moonwalk,” Jackson said he considered “The Boss” as “my mother, my lover, and my sister all rolled into one” person. Ross’ latest tweet adds her to one of the many voices who has come out in support of Jackson in the aftermath of the HBO doc.