9 highlights from "State of the Culture" episode 19

The hosts set the record straight this week about a number of topics!

  /  03.19.2019

‘State of the Culture’ is the show you turn on to hear unfiltered, unapologetic, gritty opinions in regards to topics within hip hop culture — whether you agree with what’s being said or not. Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Jinx, and Scottie Beam aren’t here to hold your hand in their debates and sugarcoat their words. They’re here to say what everyone else is afraid of saying, and do so with no hesitation. From talking about music, politics, sports and everything in between; the hosts are always with the shits. Welcome to ‘State of the Culture.’

Last week, there were a number of issues that were brought to the backyard of “State Of The Culture.” So, it was only right to set the record straight this week. YesJulz had the nerve to part her lips and try to drag our beloved Scottie Beam and Joe Budden through the media mud. Did she get checked? Absolutely. But moving forward, don’t expect anymore attention to be paid in that direction. Remy Ma addresses being looped into J. Prince’s blast of the Bronx. Jussie Smollett’s courthouse couture gets some special attention, and we discuss the audacity of rich white folk to pay their way into the upper echelon. All this and more in the recap below.

‘State of the Culture’ | “The State of Black Defense” (Full Episode)

1) NoJuelz is cancelled and we won’t say it again

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. As you know, our “SOTC” family got dragged into yet another Twitter spat with the continuously problematic “influencer” YesJuelz. During an appearance on the Easily Offended podcast, Julz copped her usual pleas regarding the many racist accusations against her while dragging Scottie Beam, Joe Budden and Karen Civil’s name through the mud. While much of this has already been addressed in the tweets, Scottie assures Julz she’s prepared to take it to the streets. “This is the last time I think we should ever talk about her existence,” Scottie tells her cohosts. “But, I will say me and her are on two different missions.” Speaking directly into the camera, Scottie sends Julz a warning: “This is the last time I’m going to address you. I will never speak your name ever again. You do not want to see me in person.” Whew! Even I got chills. As for Joe, Julz is very much old news. In regards to Murda Mook, Joe expected so much more. “I’m a sociopath,” Joe says of the YesJulz controversy. “I’m not gonna feel anything. Like Scottie said, I’m clear on her mission. I don’t need a bunch of examples. For me, it was troublesome that Mook, somebody that I have a relationship with, someone that has a long tenure in this culture as a prominent MC, would sit there and display that type of behavior.”

2) Is Joe shooting for baby #2?

On a happier note, Chance The Rapper just married his longtime sweetheart Kirsten Corley and the couple is expecting their second daughter. Joe gushes with happiness while revealing he’d love to have a daughter of his own soon. “I don’t believe that my sons will take care of me as I age,” he tells Remy. “I know my daughter gon’ hold me down.” Congrats Chance, and good luck Joe!

3) Is “SNL” giving “In Living Color” a run for its money? Ehh not so fast

“Saturday Night Live,” long criticized for its lack of diversity, seems to be turning over a new leaf. Recently, Idris Elba hosted and the sketch comedy show has been featuring more cast-mates and musical guests of color. So, has “SNL” corrected its diversity problem? Not exactly, but it’s a step in the right direction. “I like that the skits aren’t just placing us in their world,” Jinx says. “Some of those skits had to be written by Keenan [Thompson] or someone else on staff that really gets it.” Remy Ma says “SNL” is finally grabbing her attention for the first time. “I don’t remember [the show] being a thing in my house,” she says. “I think they’re doing something over right there.”

4) Jussie Smollett – we want answers!

At this point, the Jussie Smollett case serves as pure comic relief for our “SOTC” hosts – mainly because of the actor’s fierce courthouse fashions (come on, pea coat!). What Jinx is most looking forward to is how Smollett is going to untangle this supposed web of deceit. “I just want to see the trial,” he says. “Once we got past the ‘he did this and it’s goofy’… I just want to hear what he says because I haven’t really heard him talk for real.” Joe is amused that Jussie’s still rocking with his story. “Sometimes you gotta remix your lie,” he jokes. “If you’re gonna die with the lie, you better know when to remix it.”

5) Russell Westbrook is being taxed for being passionate. Where have we heard this before?

Russell Westbrook was recently fined $25,000 for going off on a Utah Jazz fan who yelled out a racist comment during a game. Luckily, that fan was hit with a lifetime ban. But, it still begs the questions as to why Westbrook was punished at all. Remy thinks his reputation is unfairly judged. “With Westbrook, he has that stigma attached where people look at him like a hothead,” Remy says. “So what happens is, even when you’re right, you’re wrong.” Jinx and Joe both agree that this reputation is baseless. “His morality seems to be extremely high on and off court,” Joe says. While heckling is considered a part of the sport, Scottie feels we have to acknowledge “when shit goes too far.” Well said!

6) Raz B deserves better

During a weird blip in the Millenium Tour, B2K member Raz B momentarily pulled out of the group’s comeback show and some assume that this action was done out off fear that Chris Stokes, their ex-manager whom he’s accused of sexual molestation, was lurking around at their shows. Joe has a soft spot for Raz and feels his trauma has gone unacknowledged. “I viewed Raz B’s case differently than I viewed Terry Crews’ to be honest,” Joe admits. “For all of them to come back and not even a week in, y’all can’t even guarantee that his abuser will not be around? Because Raz B is Raz B, nobody really gives a fuck. I do.” Jinx feels Raz is likely experiencing PTSD. “People are going on this tour because they love that it reminds them of the 2000s. For him, it’s a conflict.” Joe also wonders if Stokes is somehow profiting from B2K’s well-attended reunion tour, which would be a shame.

7) Baby Phat, AKA the original Fashion Nova, makes its return

Kimora Lee Simmons announced that she’s re-launching her signature clothing line Baby Phat. The timing seems to be perfect, as pop culture is yearning for that early 2000s nostalgia. Remy Ma reminds us that before IG boutiques were a thing, Baby Phat was king. “Baby Phat was what Fashion Nova is today. It was stuff girls wanted to wear, it was cute and affordable.” Beyond its popularity, Baby Phat spoke to a specific audience. “Baby Phat was the answer for girls who were like, ‘Yo [those brands] don’t make jeans that fit our situation.’” While it remains to be seen whether Baby Phat will return to the same fan love of its heyday, Remy doesn’t think that’ll be a problem so long as we support our own.

8) Street shit and social media mix like oil and water

After YBN Almighty’s chain got snatched in NYC by culprits who later flaunted it on social media, Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J. Prince Instagram tagged famous Bronx artists including Remy Ma, Cardi B and Swizz Beatz about what he perceived to be an affront to their city. Remy doesn’t feel the need to address the issue on social media. But, feels it’s worth a conversation if she and J. Prince ever cross paths.

9) Rich white actresses are bribing their kids into the ivy leagues, but somehow that’s not shocking

One of our favorite scandals of the week was news that actresses Lori Loughlin who plays Aunt Becky from “Fuller House” and former “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman were a part of a nationwide scandal to get their students into some of the top colleges in the country. Reportedly, Loughlin and her husband paid roughly $500,000 to get their daughters recruited to the USC crew team despite them never having crewed a day in their lives. This is all very juicy gossip at best, but Scottie thought this was already happening. “I thought they were doing that anyway. I thought rich people paid for [their kids] to get in there, through connections and money,” she says. Jinx calls the expectancy for rich kids to attend top schools “lineage behavior.” Joe is surprised that the cuffs were drawn. “I really like when the white privilege isn’t at the level they think it is,” he said. “Had someone just told me this story, I wouldn’t have thought someone would be arrested for it.”

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