Whether by trusty word of mouth or through a renowned publication’s expert declaration, the city of Austin, Texas has long been heralded as a premier tourist destination in the United States.

While every city across the country arguably has its own distinguished heartbeat, Austin’s vibrant reputation is centered on its penchant for live music, barbecue and in its abundance of things to do. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, the capital of the Lone Star state is chock full of both popular pit stops and local gems alike.

Somewhere down the road, the charming city was given the unofficial slogan of “Keep Austin Weird,” encouraging locals to support small businesses and protect the city’s eccentric character from being overrun by large corporations. While the landscape of Austin has changed exponentially in recent memory, especially factoring in the substantial growth and development its undergone, one thing that has only gotten better with time is its cherished music scene.

For first-time visitors and even returning guests, a visit to Austin can be as exciting as it holds the potential to be overwhelming. While there is plenty to pack into a long weekend, it’s best advised to compile a bucket list of places to check out, all while keeping an open mind as to where your time in town can take you.

In the spirit of festival season, SIMPLE Mobile has cut through the static and compiled an essential guide outlining the best eats in the city, where to recharge from the delightful chaos found on 6th Street and the best neighborhoods to get purposely lost in.

Neighborhoods to Know:

General Pro Tips:

Quality Eats:

Miscellaneous Culture Fixes:

Let’s Talk Shop About Live Music:

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