Christian “King” Combs is coming for the music industry’s neck with his upcoming project – and it’s not even finished yet.

REVOLT TV was front and center as the 20-year-old star previewed some of his new work at the Combs residence in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday (March 5) night. The rapper released a mixtape back in 2018 titled 90’s Baby. However, as I was ushered into the backyard area where the drinks were flowing and the pre-turn up was just getting started, I knew this new music was going to take the cake. Everyone in attendance was ready to have fun and celebrate King Combs blessing us with his hard work. It was about to go down.

After dinner was served to the party’s guests – and some bomb ass Ciroc drinks – the EP preview began in the Combs’ studio, which is also on the property. Before the music playing began, REVOLT TV chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs shared a few words about his son’s project. “I just want to let y’all know that we’re open for business,” he said. “It’s gonna be a whole new era and a whole new energy, and the energy is right. I feel like my son is ready, so it’s a proud day. We just want y’all to hear the music, vibe with it.”

Christian added: “The inspiration behind the project is definitely just me. The east coast, west coast, living in the south, variations of sounds. I’m excited that y’all here.”

And that’s when the real party started. Christian played some of his soon-to-be hits for everyone and there wasn’t a person there who wasn’t bumpin’ to them – Brooklyn rapper Desiigner included. As he played one track after another, listeners could easily see – or hear – that each song was perfected to a T. The songs sounded as if they wanted to outdo the song that came before it. Needless to say, this was achieved.

Without giving too much away about the new project, it’s undoubtedly filled with smashes. From smooth, sensual songs that Christian deemed were “for the ladies” to party anthems, the upcoming body of work has a vibe for every occasion. Some of features on it even include Ty Dolla Sign, Jeremih, Tee Grizzley and so much more. But, that’s all we’ll give you for now. Take dat.

After the 20-year-old rapper ended his project preview, his pops addressed the crowd one last time to set the record straight about one main thing: his son’s work ethic. “I just want to say that I had absolutely nothing to do with this, that he took it upon himself, he started to hear how he wanted the records mixed,” Diddy said. “He started definitely in the vibe of the 1990s. That was something that he wanted to express about how he grew up. He’s his own artist, his own man and he put that together by himself.”

Then, Diddy turned to Christian and said, while giving him a hug, “And I’m super, super proud of you. I love you.”

Be sure to look out for Christian “King” Combs’ new project coming soon. The new era has arrived.