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In the years that have followed the arrival of her breakout Keisha Vs Kash Doll effort, Kash Doll has undoubtedly established herself as one of the premier female voices in rap. In recent times, we’ve witnessed an onset of young women in hip hop who usher in a new wave of assertion and dominance in their lyricism, echoing the era that housed the primes of brash mainstays like Trina and Lil Kim, among a multitude of others. With this parallel, it’s safe to say that Kash Doll has had her hand in formulating such modernized motifs, urging her listeners to put the bag first and to always know one’s worth. Such values also make for an artillery of lyrical gems applicable in the day-to-day, especially when considering the subject of love.

From featured appearances to her own solo outings, Kash Doll has made a routine out of imparting her takes on relationships. Whether a one-liner or an entire track dedicated to the topic, the Detroit emcee maintains a formula of advice that is to the point and very rarely waivers on her message. Artfully vacillating between savage and sweet, she manages to find lyrical balance somewhere in between, dishing out unequivocal words to live by when it comes to matters of the heart.

That’s why we’re so excited for Kash Doll to perform at REVOLT HOUSE at the World Nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina on Feb. 14. So, in honor of the star’s upcoming show, let’s check out nine of Kash Doll’s best pieces of relationship advice in lyrical form.

1. “Law”

“Don’t let him drive you crazy if that motherf-cker walking/And you know that he ain’t got it if he doing too much talking.”

On this rare flip of Yo Gotti’s “Law” anthem, Kash Doll offers her own set of directives from a woman’s perspective. Here, she keeps things fairly superficial, instructing ladies to be wary of problematic men who bring nothing to the table. She brings the phrase “actions speak louder than words” to life and issues her twist on just when to walk away from a fruitless companion.

2. “So Crazy”

“I know you couldn’t have thought that shit was that easy/I know you didn’t think he’d wife you being that sleazy, huh?”

Kash makes it known that intimacy does not always equate to a long-term commitment. On “So Crazy,” the overarching theme is getting it on your own rather than relying on your partner, and in this line, she makes a point of driving that theme on home.

3. “Chanel Slides”

“I’ma pull up in the Porsche/Me and money married, no divorce.”

While this particular line makes no direct reference to a romantic relationship, it certainly alludes to a very important one. Kash is notorious for preaching the good gospel about securing the proverbial bag, and in her guest verse on Dreezy’s “Chanel Slides,” she voices said commitment. It’s a source of motivation in going after a healthy relationship with one of life’s necessities.

4. “So Good”

“And I never tell a chick about the pipe I get/’Cause if she ever disrespect, I have to fight that bitch.”

Discretion is the name of the game. In her appearance on Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s “So Good,” Kash makes sure to praise her partner for his skills in the bedroom, while also assuring him that the secret remains between the two of them. It’s a commonly accepted notion that keeping a relationship away from the public eye promotes longevity, forgoing critics and creepers alike, and here, Kash spreads that knowledge skillfully.

5. “Over The Hills”

“Come and sign on this million dollar deal with me/Cause you good with me if I’m good with you/Show these niggas how the real fuckin’ bosses do/I’m a winner, but I still take a loss with you.”

Fill in the blank: the couple that __ together, stays together. Wedding vows aren’t necessary ingredients to the basic understanding that a real relationship requires commitment through the wins and losses. On this Shy Glizzy collaboration, Kash Doll assures her lover that the same rings true for them.

6. “For Everybody”

“Never trust no n-gga b-tch/All these n-ggas counterfeit/Baby girl when you gon’ learn?/That is not yo’ n-gga, shit.”

For when the romantic waters get choppy, Kash Doll offers consolation on the topic of unfaithful lovers. In her words, she lays down the directive that a cheating man was never yours to begin with, and that the blame lies neither with yourself, or in some cases, the person on the other end. Instead, it lies with the partner who dealt the betrayal in the first place.

7. “Serious”

“You want me to take you serious?/Gotta show me something/Ain’t no used to fronting/This a million Yous, tryna be the only one/And I’m just here stunting.”

On “Serious,” Kash Doll tackles the courting phase of relationships. As she advises a potential lover to show, not tell, she also delivers proper instructions to listeners. Sometimes, finding the right one involves a bit of due diligence. There’s nothing wrong with giving a suitor the chance to prove themselves before diving in head first.

8. “Poppin”

“I played my ex-n-gga like a gameboy/And I ain’t gotta’ say the name of that lame boy.”

On “Poppin,” Kash distributes proper breakup etiquette that we all emulate. While we’re more than allowed to reflect on past relationships gone bad, there’s no need to dwell on or give shine to past moments or people, hence the decision not to “say the name of that lame boy.” In most cases, heartbreak is inevitable, but it’s the process of moving on that counts.

9. “Tell Me”

“Tryna convince you the car that you seen ain’t his/Riding hoes around, with no limo tint/I’m like “Sis, when we start doing this?”/No shopping sprees or expensive trips/You must’ve forget, who the fuck I’m is/I just called in for your replacement.”

In the name of self-worth, Kash Doll hops on her “Out Of Line” track to gift listeners with a soundtrack to self-love. In this line, Kash addresses the phase in which you can lose sight of yourself in a relationship and settle for less. It’s a clear command to take stock and realize that there’s more to you and much more to gain outside of a toxic relationship.

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