Soulja Boy is on top of his game and he’s not shying away from pointing out his victories to anyone who will listen.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper pointed out how his virality, stemming from his recent “Breakfast Club” appearance, is no match for none other than the rapper who built his career on a foundation of social media stardom: 6ix9ine.

In the clip posted to his social media, Soulja filmed a snippet from Tekashi’s most recent interview on the “Breakfast Club.” It captured a moment when the currently incarcerated rapper boasted about being the guest who racked up the most YouTube views in the history of the famed morning show.

Then, Soulja goes on to point out that 6ix9ine’s appearance on the show has 10.4 million views, while his has received 10.7 million on YouTube. At the time of this article, Soulja’s views have gone even higher!

“Yeah, you lied,” Soulja can be heard saying in the clip. “Cuz Big Draco in this b—h…What’s wrong with you, boy? I got 10.7 million and my s—t just dropped.”

While this may be true, fans have been quick to point out that the interview Soulja is referencing isn’t the only time 6ix9ine has been on the show. Another previous appearance the “FEFE” rapper made on the “Breakfast Club” earlier last year garnered 16 million. It’s likely this fact check was one that Soulja may have consciously overlooked in order to remind fans he’s on fire this week, even inspiring his own meme on social media.

During his now-legendary appearance on the “Breakfast Club,” Soulja boasted that he had the “greatest comeback of 2018,” as well as called out Drake for biting his style. His comments got the entire internet talking, including none other than Tyga who had a clap back of his own.

Take a look at Soulja Boy bragging about his online victories and revisit his appearance on the “Breakfast Club” below.