When it comes to preserving his legacy and telling his own story, Master P is taking charge.

As reported, the rap veteran is set to continue his foray into film. This time, by way of releasing a biopic centering around his own career.

Earlier this week, Master P announced he will be partnering with Lionsgate to release his forthcoming biopic, King of the South. Taking to Instagram, the hip hop mogul shared that he not only has secured an official deal for the project, but it’s also one of historic proportions.

“Today we made history!” Master P captioned the exciting post on Instagram. “Signed one of the biggest deals with LionsGate for the Master P biopic ‘King of the South IceCream Man.’ Salute to the kings that came before me Lil J, Uncle Luke, and Tony Draper. God is good to be able to be alive and tell your story, and have it written by Tyger Williams who did Menace to society. Movies… Movies… Movies. Go to Moneyatti.com to get that new drip. #WeAllWeGot.”

In addition to producing the film based on his life, P has also recruited Menace II Society writer Tyger Williams to write the script. Per Master P, the biopic will focus on his childhood, and follow his journey to becoming one of the rap game’s most influential artists and entrepreneurs.

“To still be able to be alive and partner with a major film company [Lionsgate] is definitely history,” he shared in a statement with XXL. “To be the first time to have a story come from the south and to have an effect on hip hop, we changed the game and showed you how to make money from the product.”

Take a look at Master P celebrating this next venture in his multifaceted career in the clip below.