Kodak Black has been garnering all sorts of press, both good and bad, surrounding the release of his new album, Dying to Live.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the Florida rapper commented on Master P‘s involvement in his career, explaining how he felt the veteran rapper was more interested in a paycheck than offering sage advice as a mentor.

“How you gonna say, ‘Okay it ain’t about no money,’ but then turn around and be on some money s–t?” Kodak asked, reflecting on the early days of his career.

After the interview made its rounds online, the No Limits Records founder took a moment to comment on the matter, addressing Kodak’s comments and rebuking the claim he was only interested in advising the rapper in exchange for compensation.

“A lot of these artists, when you try to help them, they say something crazy,” he said in a video posted on Instagram on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24). “The only thing I was trying to do with the little boy was help him. Everything you doing on social media is telling on yourself.”

He then continued talking about how the rapper has chosen to move throughout his burgeoning career, as well as offered an air of encouragement, further enforcing how the rap mogul has plenty of gems to go around.

“You’re the police because you’re telling on yourself,” he said, referring to Black, who has gotten himself in legal trouble over the content he has chosen to post on social media. “You’re putting guns. You’re putting money up. You got 150 Gs, but you can’t give 10 Gs back to the community or school you went to. It’s ok to say you don’t know everything. It’s ok to reach out to people who have been there before you. Put your trust and faith in God and you can make it through anything.”

The latest back-and-forth between the two isn’t the first time either has spoken on their now-soured business relationship. In 2017, Kodak first accused Master P of wanting money in exchange for mentorship.

Take a look at Master P addressing Kodak Black’s latest comments below.