Nicki Minaj certainly knows how to attract both attention and drama, sometimes even in the same second. That being said, nothing is too small to go by unnoticed by her ever-engaged fanbase, not even a minuscule detail on a magazine cover.

Most recently on Wednesday (Dec. 19), the Queen rapper revealed she is gracing the cover of the new issue of Vogue Japan, sharing a series of stunning editorial portraits that were taken for the publication on her Instagram. Although the photos are absolutely gorgeous, fans are noticing one element that could make this the most-talked about magazine cover of 2018. (But, let’s hope not).

The response to the shoot has not been without controversy stemming from the stylistic decision to give Minaj a prominent beauty mark above her lip, similar to that of Lil Kim‘s. Minaj’s new photo spread also features her rocking lighter brown hair and bold cat eye make-up, adding to her resemblance to her age-old nemesis.

While some are making the case that Minaj is merely channeling the rap veteran as an homage, like she has been known to do in the past, fans are swarming to social media to comment on the matter and bring up their storied history as enemies.

As expected, the topic has since begun trending on social media. Even Lil Kim’s stylist, Tim B., has weighed in on the matter.

“If you never seen the movie single white female you need to go & watch it… because this is what this situation is!” Tim B. wrote on Instagram. “At this point I’m scared for my friend @lilkimthequeenbee. shorty out here rocking a a mole & all. shorty stole her style, management team and now her mole #prayforkimmoleyall”

Although Minaj has not yet publicly commented on the matter, Twitter certainly isn’t ready to let this beef die anytime soon.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj’s new Vogue Japan cover and see how fans are reacting below.