This year was not without its fair share of great Twitter debates, including one surrounding Jacquees‘ recent self-declaration that he is the “King of R&B.” The statement went viral in no time, calling on people from all facets of the music industry to weigh in.

With celebrities and authorities on the subject contributing to the national dialogue; such as Tyrese, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Birdman, Tank, Kehlani and more; Jacquees quickly found himself being schooled on the subject. While many agreed the emerging singer hasn’t accomplished enough in his career yet to claim the title, that didn’t stop the 24-year-old from stepping to Keith Sweat after spotting him backstage at Atlanta’s V-103 Winterfest.

“This the king from back then,” Jacquees can be heard saying in front of the R&B legend as an onlooker filmed. “I’m the king for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But, it’s Big Que.” Jacquees continues in a joking manner, adding, “I’m the King of R&B. You know we just got into an argument. Bro finna try to whoop me or something.”

Then, Sweat explained how a cameraman ran up on him and demanded that he answer the question. Per the singer, he was interrupted by an energetic Jacquees before being able to explain he wanted no part in the debate.

“So you need to apologize, young man,” Sweat demanded, possibly catching the young singer off guard.

“I’m sorry, apologies,” Jacquees responded.

The video of their confrontation has since gone viral. Hopefully, the whole situation has become a learning moment for Jacquees and other artists from his generation to put some respect on those who helped paved the way. Either way, take a look at Jacquees being confronted by Keith Sweat below.