Snoop Dogg isn’t shying away from criticizing Kanye West despite ‘Ye putting some respect on his name and referring to him as his “elder and an inspiration.”

The West Coast legend has been vocalizing his disappointment ever since the first time West endorsed Donald Trump. Most recently, the Doggfather went on Instagram to suggest ‘Ye take (another) break from social media.

After West went ham on Twitter and called out Drake for reportedly threatening him, Snoop weighed in during a video posted to Instagram on Saturday (Dec. 15). While driving and listening to Drake’s “From Time” track—we love a petty uncle—Snoop says, “On some real s—t though, cuz. Is y’all getting tired of this n—a Kanye West and these tweets? ‘Cause I am.”

He then continues, further bashing West for continuously supporting Trump and rapidly spreading divisive messages.

“I see why, n—a, you and Donald Trump hangout,” he continued. “N—a, y’all tweet like a motherf—ker, cuz. I think that n—a need Dr. Phil or Maury. You know what? That n—a need Jerry Springer.”

However, Snoop acknowledges that West appearing on a daytime talk show isn’t the best longterm solution. Instead, taking away his phone is.

“Somebody take that n—a phone,” he added. “He acting a plum damn fool. Get your ass off your phone n—a and go holla at that n—a in real life. Stop telling the whole f—king world what you’re going through. We don’t give a f—k!”

Take a look at Snoop Dogg’s latest message to Kanye West below.