A common motif in rap music videos is the incorporation of guns, as many artists opt to use prop weapons to achieve a similar affect without things being taken too far. However, a video shoot earlier this year showcases exactly how an attempt to portray a certain image can go horribly awry.

As reported, Houston rappers Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo organized a video shoot that eventually resulted in 20 participants now facing gun charges.

According to local outlet Click 2 Houston, the video shoot in question took place back in March. While filming was underway, a group of men brandished weapons while standing behind the rappers. According to police, about a dozen of the guns were loaded and others stolen.

As reported, after police arrived on the scene, many of those involved fled, while others were arrested on location. Law enforcement is alleging that many of the men are documented gang members, as well as notes that some had open arrest warrants.

The video, which was for the song “Hoova,” ended up being released, which reportedly was a decision that aided police in tracking down those who were caught on camera holding the weapons.

As reported, 20 people in total were charged with illegal possession of a weapon. Of that number, 11 have been apprehended and the others have warrants out for their arrested. One of the men allegedly involved, Kenyon Tennessee, died prior to being charged. He was reportedly shot last month outside of a strip club. Maxo Kream was not listed as one of the men being accused of illegal possession of a weapon.

Additionally, NFL Cartel Bo, whose real name is Warren Brown, was charged and arrested for illegally possessing two assault rifles earlier this year. He was later released on bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Per Complex, the rapper reportedly cut it off and at the time of this report, his whereabouts remain unknown.

Take a look at the video for “Hoova,” which led to criminal charges for 20 people involved, below.