Juicy J has been putting in the work since the beginning of his career as a recording artist. Now, two decades deep in the game, the veteran rapper is showcasing how his business savvy is not exclusive to the music industry.

As reported, the Three 6 Mafia rapper decided to help back premium bottled water company CORE Hydration, not knowing what results his investment would yield. As it turns out, in the rapper’s own words, his financial involvement in the nutrient-enhanced beverage would eventually become “the best investment I made in my life.”

According to reports, CORE has officially been acquired by Keurig Dr. Pepper for $525 million. The deal reportedly is valued at $435 million net of anticipated tax benefits.

While he didn’t specify how many shares he owned, leaving the take-home amount up to speculation, the Memphis legend is certainly pleased with how things unfolded.

Juicy J was not the only heavyweight involved in backing the company, as other prior celebrity shareholders include Katy Perry, Becky G, Diplo and Max Martin.

Additionally, CORE was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Lance Collins, known for starting brands such as Body Armor and Fuze, in partnership with music producer Dr. Luke. Reports add that the company raised approximately $40 million in the last year, helping to skyrocket its valuation.

Take a look at Juicy J celebrating his investment paying off below.