Years before Kehlani dropped her official album SweetSexySavage, one of REVOLT TV’s favorite debuts of 2017, she was delivering acclaimed mixtapes like Cloud 19 and You Should Be Here. But now she’s returning to her roots.

The singer, who revealed her first pregnancy just last month, posted a selfie to Instagram yesterday with the caption: “finished a tape.”

She also answered questions from fans during an Instagram Live in which she detailed both the project and an album that is likely to follow, saying, “I’m clearly going through a very serious journey that is influencing my music, so the music that is going to come before that is fun and nice, so I’m excited for that.” She later added, “The album is very emotional, so just know that the mixtape is fun, it’s nice….Think of it as like a holiday gift so that when I go on tour I can perform both the album and the mixtape.”

When a fan asked if the artwork of the mixtape would follow the pattern of her previous projects, the singer dove deeper into how she’s evolved as an artist, saying:

“No. Lemme tell you something. The mixtapes and the album, I made [them] before I went through the biggest life changes of my life. I made them all before I went through what I feel like made me a grown woman, what I feel like made me an adult and the woman I am today. I feel like I was a little girl when I made those projects. They won’t be following the pattern of the album. I felt like I made a lot of music trying to get the attention of the people I was with. I wasn’t necessarily very ‘pick me’ in my music when I was younger, but I was just trying to prove really hard the type of girl I was and type of love I provided—and I was 18 years old, 19 years old, didn’t know what was what. And then on the album, before I went through a massive life-changing experience, I was just very young-minded and very self prove-y, very like, ‘I really have to get y’all to understand me and know me and love me.’ And I’m grown now and I don’t necessarily need to go out of my way to get anybody who doesn’t understand me—or is committed to misunderstanding me or is committed to not liking me—to like me. So that’s been awesome to grow into this person who no longer really needs approval from the general public or people that she knows have a grudge against…liking her.”

The singer also confirmed that she’d likely be sticking to her R&B roots, declaring, “I’m not making no more pop songs on you hoes. I’m over it. You’re not getting a pop record from me, boy, and if you do, just know it wasn’t my fault.”

When a fan asked if the album would be dropping this year, Kehlani replied, “Yes, I’m trying to lowkey wrap it up this week, I guess, so that I can start getting it mixed so that I can put it out because I want you guys to have it before I go on a fucking hiatus and pop a kid out of my…ya know.”

Finally, the singer concluded about her new material, “I think all the new music is more grown, it’s more honest, it’s from more gathered perspectives, and it’s just stuff that I like to make.”

She took to Twitter later to re-tweet photographer Myles Loftin’s brief review of her upcoming mixtape:

But later put a stop to all her hints: