While Tiffany Haddish is famous for taking things to a comedic level, the actress is completely serious when it comes to her aspiring rap career.

During a profile with The New York Times, the comedian revealed her plans to “create an empire” and shared her aspirations also extend to music.

Per The Times, Haddish is “dabbling in music and trying to make a rap album.”

While the actress hasn’t let fans in on specific details just yet, she could possibly be inspired by the recent success of fellow comedian Lil Duval, whose “Smile Bitch” track continues to garner attention.

Elsewhere during the profile, Haddish opens up about how she was raped at age 17 by a man who claimed to be a police cadet. She shared that although she reported the crime to authorities, no further action was pursued.

“I can’t fix it, and there’s nothing funny about it, so I didn’t put it in the book,” she shared with journalist Cara Buckley. “I got my power stolen. You gotta claim that back.”

The conversation also focuses on her goal to “create intergenerational wealth and spread joy, and make sure everyone who works with me can spread the same thing and have it trickle down,” as well as what she’s been up to during the rapid ascent to fame she’s experienced following the release of 2017’s Girls Trip.

See the full New York Times‘ profile here and keep an eye out for possible new music from Haddish in the future.