As it turns out, the announcement that Kanye West would once again be meeting with Donald Trump was not fake news. The meeting between the president and the controversial rapper was certainly an unprecedented one for the White House with Ye giving a stream of consciousness monologue that appeared to have even Trump at a loss for words.

The 10-minute speech, which was captured on video by CNN, took place Thursday (Oct. 11) with Trump giving West the floor as the pair were seated at a desk and surrounded by reporters. Activist and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were also present for the meeting. The sit-down was originally set up so that the unlikely friends could discuss a variety of issues ranging from prison reform to manufacturing, gang violence, as well as the possibility to request a presidential pardon for Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover, who is currently serving six consecutive life sentences.

However, once the cameras were rolling, West went completely off on his own, speaking in an impassioned tone in what felt like one scattered, ten-minute long run-on sentence. The speech touched on a slew of subjects and ideas, including how black people don’t have to be democrats, how Trump’s presidency and the MAGA hat give West masculine energy he so desperately craves, how he helped Adidas make money, why he feels he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, why he wants to abolish the 13th Amendment (he referred to it as a “trap door”), how he could make “Saturday Night Live” better, his experiences with fatherhood, and reminders that he uses positive language. On top of that, West also showed Trump a hydrogen-powered plane idea using his iPhone.

After West finally stopped talking, Trump broke into a wide smile and said, “I’ll tell you what, that was pretty impressive.”

The two embraced with a hug, as West gave some closing statements referring to Trump’s path as the leader of the country as “his hero’s journey.” West also commented on Trump’s reaction to his speech, explaining that his words “was from the soul” and he “just channeled it.”

Needless to say, West’s new meeting with Trump is best experienced by oneself. Take a look at the full video of it below and see how folks are reacting to it.