Kanye West is no stranger to last-minute arrangements.

In 2013, Ye famously scored “40 in the fourth quarter” beyond the 11th hour during the sessions for Yeezus. In 2016, he delayed the release of The Life of Pablo for last-minute work on “Waves.” Fast forward to this year, fourth-quarter ‘Ye has been at it routinely, abruptly changing the album artwork for Pusha-T’s DAYTONA less than 48 hours before its arrival and finishing up records like “Ghost Town” hours before his own album, ye was scheduled to hit streaming services. According to Push, a similar scenario took place with Kids See Ghosts, Ye’s joint album with Kid Cudi.

‘Drink Champs’ | Pusha T (Full Episode)

Kids See Ghosts, I’m on a flight to Montreal. [Kanye] hits me, “Yo, I need a verse. Can you go to the studio right now?” I was like, ‘I can’t,’” the G.O.O.D. Music president recalled. P recently appeared on Drink Champs, where he disclosed how his verse to the album’s intro “Feel the Love” came together.

“He hits me back, “No, I need you to go to the studio right now.” Mind you the album is coming out in 7-8 hours, [and] I’m about to do a show in Montreal.” Luckily enough, a studio was booked, P got to work, and we now have Kids See Ghosts‘ gunpowder-of-a-verse — all thanks to Ye. The 23-minute album, which arrived earlier this month, is return-to-form for both Ye and Cudi, as it finds them at equilibrium as they each deliver the yin to each other’s yang.

As far as Ye’s last-minute routine goes, the risk, whether calculated or not, adds stock to the releases. Despite the negative attention centered on its artwork, P’s DAYTONA sonically matches the dark and ominous photo. For ye, “Ghost Town” needed to exist, as it set the stage perfectly for Kids See Ghosts. Last week, the fourth entry in his ongoing Friday release series, Nas’ Nasir, went under abrupt rearrangements to grab a guest appearance from Puff Daddy (“Not for Radio”), because of course. With Teyana Taylor’s album next on the list, expect fourth quarter Ye to do the expected.