Over the weekend, our REVOLT Chairman Sean Combs sat down with John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications, for AT&T’s two-day ‘SHAPE’ event, an immersive expo that explores the convergence of technology and entertainment.

The two engaged in a candid conversation about the state of our culture and creating new platforms for artists, and Mr. Combs discussed how hip hop changed his life, weighed in on becoming a powerful culture force, reinforced the importance of diversity in media and the resurgence of Black excellence worldwide, and affirmed why REVOLT is unapologetically hip hop.

Among many other wise words, Mr. Combs offered this piece of advice to the crowd, comprised of creators, developers, and tech and entertainment professionals, “It can be done. You can manifest what your dreams are. Deal with the reality, no matter what the circumstances are, it can happen. Get together and make a change!”

On his secret to being heralded as one of modern-day’s best business minds, he said, “I believe in the power of my community, in us. I believe in the art of us. I believe in our value. I wanted to come and change the world. I wanted to come and make a difference, and be a platform, be a place of inspiration, but also to be a foundation.”

He added, “Right now, we’re in a black renaissance. Were in a black rebirth….I want to be there to provide. All these creatives here, not just inspirational support—because you can talk to somebody ’til they’re blue in the face; if you don’t invest in them, then they can’t make no moves.”

Watch the full conversation below.