The name Nevelle Viracocha may not ring bells, but the sonic shifts created by this talented Alabama native has already impacted your eardrums, specifically fans of FX’s Emmy Award-winning series Atlanta.

The rapper-singer-producer, who is now based in Atlanta, has been making waves for some time, but his most notable placement took place on Donald Glover’s hit series for the episodes “Champagne Papi” and “Woods,” which features the songs “Dirtty Game” and “Mind Made” respectively.

Looking to shift things up a notch, the talented singer recently released his debut album, Astral Hour, which features the undeniable standout “Wanted,” produced by Araabmuzik. Equipped with a strong placement on hit television series, a solid debut project, and a talent that should create more moments, Viracochoa may just have what it takes to shift more than just a notch.

Check out “Wanted” below and his Astral Hour release, here.