In case you’re either living under a rock or fully executing your right to ‘boycott Kanye,’ Yeezy Season is here with the release of Kanye West’s new studio album, ye. The follow-up to his wonky 2016 album The Life of Pablo was released from the unspoiled mountain vistas of Wyoming and clocks in at a succinct 23-minutes, with just seven songs (very ‘Ye-esque). With such a slender project, it’s quite easy to pick out a favorite or two, and according to the people, it just so happens to be “Ghost Town.”

“Ghost Town,” a record beaming with rainbow blues and knife-edge guitar riffs, forms the skeleton of ye, an album that’s just as jumbled and scrambled as Kanye’s self-patented stream of consciousness. The song, which interpolates a melody from a low-profile 1960s gem by Dave Edmunds called “Take Me For a Little While” (also famously included season four of The Sopranos), hopscotches over the topics of one-sided love, freedom, and death. Together, the trio deliver a sentimental, bright and uplifting anthem that does three things: 1) set up the excitement for next week’s Kids See Ghost release, 2) clear the ground for 070 Shake’s takeoff, and 3) leave you with all the feels.

While “Violent Crimes” is another clear favorite, the temperature generated by fans online forecast “Ghost Town” as the latest entry in Kanye’s best songs category.

ye is out now on G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. Read up on why it’s an importance part of Kanye’s discography, here.