Hey, folks. It’s been a tough week, huh. Couldn’t we all use some uplifting? (Maybe, umm, a few of us more than others?) We think Jay Rock is here to help out.

Earlier this month, we wondered if the TDE rapper had what it takes to move to the forefront of the record label and collective. And, almost as proof of his promise, Rock’s newest visual for “WIN” is a vivid, evidential montage of a winning streak.

With a gang of celebratory horns acting like a campaign song, and pyrotechnics as a gratuitous accessory, he strolls into the space suited up like one of the Men in Black. (Hypeman Kendrick Lamar, with an affinity for ad libs, is his other half.) They effortlessly dodge flying sparks of missile-type speed; shower in confetti while taunting viewers with unsportsmanlike conduct (trophy in tow, of course); and hunt ducks with precision. When not with K. Dot, Rock calmly overcomes distraction (of a spreadeagled woman, no less) and nails a pool game’s winning shot; mocks a victim of his masterful archery on a rooftop; stands unbothered in a ring of masked armed villains; and positions himself, sword in hand, among a cluster of erected flags symbolizing his unquestionable conquering.

We stand corrected. So, we’ll leave this bit of lyrical advice for someone, anyone who needs it: “Fuck everything else, win, win, win, win / These niggas ain’t shit, win, win, win, win / Stop chasin’ that bitch, win, win, win, win.”