Rhymes? Fire. Flow? Great. Production by DJ Premier? Classic.

DJ Premier added his golden touch to J. Cole’s “1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”),” the closing song on KOD, and, as you can imagine, the result is pure hip-hop.

Premier, who is a walking hip-hop touchstone, has worked with every major, critically-acclaimed, and top artist there is (and ever was) in rap for over two decades. Even the ones we’ve fantasized about, the noticeable omissions in his discography, are either in the works or in the stash. However, this week, Premo allowed us the opportunity to scratch off the name J. Cole from that dream list, after putting his su-Preme touches on the most-talked about record in Cole’s catalog.

As if the record wasn’t hard enough, Premo pumps up the volume, turning “1985” into an essential course in hip-hop 101. With his signature scratches and face-scrunching boom-bap, he dresses up Cole’s sonic town hall into a dazzling affair. The best part, though, is when it activates the effectiveness to Cole’s following line: “I’ll be around forever ’cause my skill is tip-top.”

Speaking of hip-hop 101, “1985” and J. Cole, last week the world got to witness a sit-down between Cole and Lil Pump, who many fans interpreted as the target on the aforementioned record. During their sit-down, we got to see many things, including Cole stepping into the elder statesmen role. Instead of watching the media blow trolling into sensationalized “beef,” he sat down with Pump to analyze the generational gap between them as well as the battles that come with their segmented audiences. “You’re smarter than what people know, what people might give you credit for,” Cole admitted, while Pump, who revealed his past actions were playful, added, “It wasn’t even serious… I fuck with your shit. It’s hard.”