In the summer of 1998, Gangsta Boo dropped “Where Dem Dollas At,” the lead single from her then-upcoming debut album Enquiring Minds. As the first and only ever female member of Three 6 Mafia, the song gave the Memphis-born rapper some well-deserved shine under the spotlight and spent six weeks on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs but, more importantly, became an ageless anthem for women. More than an ode to getting paid, it encouraged them to seek independence and higher standards.

To celebrate its two decades in your rap rotation, Gangsta Boo (born Lola Mitchell) has enlisted newcomers Asian Doll and Cuban Doll for its remix, and REVOLT has got the EXCLUSIVE premiere! (Listen below). We also talk to Gangsta about the original track’s impact, how she met the remix’s featured guests, and the current state of hip-hop for women.

It’s been almost 20 years since you dropped “Where Dem Dollas At?,” what do you think contributes to the song’s timelessness? I believe that the world finally caught up to my flow. You can hear it in almost every new artist of this generation, especially in the females. Plus, who don’t wanna know ‘where dem dollas at’!?

What do you remember about its impact and reaction back in ’98? I was 18 years old when we shot the video in New York with Chris Robinson. I was so happy, living it up! The labels was pumped to have a hit single and I had everyone asking, “Where Dem Dollas At.” It was a great time! I still get hooked to this day off that song. I feel like Marvin Gaye. One of the greats, ya know?

What new energy does the remix bring? In what ways did you change it? The remix bring[s] the same energy it had back in 1998. I replaced the men on the song with women. It was DJ Paul and Juicy J. Now it is Asian Doll and Cuban Doll. My brother Beatking added “Tela” sho nuff in the beat and reversed some 808s and kicks and added some 2018 hi-hats. He talked me into doing it since everyone is remixing Three 6 Mafia material. I should remix my own shit!

How did you decide who you were going to put on the remix? What vibe did each Doll bring to the remix? I knew I wanted someone younger and fresher. I had just did a collab with Cuban Doll for one of her songs (“W.A.B. [Wack Ass Bitch]”). I met her and liked her a lot. She’s so pretty and cool. I been seeing Asian do her thing online. I Facetimed her from Cuban’s phone and she was so stoked to talk to me and told me how much I inspired her. That alone made me instantly want to work with her, as well. They both did great on the song. Asian is more aggressive with her delivery while Cuban is more laidback like a Mack! Hella cute.

What other women artists are you currently listening to? Jungle Pussy and Gangsta Boo.

How has the rap game changed for women since ’98? What are the differences, if any? It is more open for any female of any race, age, and background to hop in and start a rap career from scratch. Back then, you had to really be saying some shit to stand out and make your mark to be put on. Now, anybody can get on.

What are your opinions about the term “female rap”? And your opinion about beefs within it? “Female rap” is alive and well! That is my opinion on that. I don’t pay attention to petty, catty, bitchy beefs. Girls, go be girls. Women, go be women. I’ma be at the bank while they doing all of that shit, minding my own business.