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  /  05.16.2018

In the hours after J. Cole’s KOD release, this writer was strung out on the idea that KOD in reverse was actually The Fall Off (thanks in part to the “Intro to The Fall Off” subtitle of closing track “1985”). But that theory has since taken on another life. Running over the aforementioned idea like a Mack truck, Cole later confirmed The Fall Off was the real deal-Holyfield when he told a fan last month that he’s actively “workin’ on it.”

But all the predictions were cast away during his recent interview with Angie Martinez.

“I’ma drop new music for sure,” a confident Cole answered, before confirming that The Fall Off would “probably” arrive in another year. According to the rapper, he’s been working on the LP for almost two years. In that time, though, he’s also been drip-feeding us previews. He confirmed, “‘False Prophets’ was supposed to be on The Fall Off. ‘Everybody Dies’ and ‘False Prophets’ that I put out before 4 Your Eyez Only were songs from The Fall Off,” he confirmed.

The songs “False Prophets” and “Everybody Dies,” as you may remember, were tagged on to 4 Your Eyez Only after originally arriving as a pair of loose singles. (Those records have since made our 20 Best Deep Cuts list.) The songs were inarguably Cole’s most-talked-about since 2013’s “Let Nas Down” and eventually went on to overshadow Eyez (though it still went on to a platinum plaque regardless).

With The Fall Off responsible for these vital records in Cole’s canon—check the reactions for further proof—it’s a sure sign that we’re in for something special. Not only that, Cole also noted that he was listening to A Tribe Called Quest for The Fall Off. “I’ve been really listening to that for [the album],” he shared, which makes sense considering the jazzy instrumentals of “1985,” “False Prophets,” and “Everybody Dies.” But as the wait builds, fans should expect new music in the meantime.

For one, he’s working on a “kiLL Edward” concept album that he’s “mad excited about” and then there’s also an EP on the way for The Fall Off. “I got more music,” he said and when explaining the this uptick in his productivity, he added, “I don’t want to look back 20 years and have a big vault of music that I didn’t put out, especially songs that I love.”

We’re here for those records Cole — choose wisely.


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