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After working together to create two of his highest-charting songs, 1998’s “Superthug” and 2002’s “Nothin,” N.O.R.E. and producer Pharrell reunited earlier this year to deliver the tropical-tinged “Uno Más.” The track’s lyrics should come as no surprise considering N.O.R.E. is the co-host of REVOLT TV’s very own boozy podcast, Drink Champs: “Come have a drink with me, baby / Just feel, don’t think with me, baby / I’ll be the shrink you need lately / Just one more clink with me, baby.”


We’ve been a fan of Peruvian artist A.CHAL for some time now, from “Far From Home” to “To The Light,” “Matrix” to “Cuánto,” and even gave a Spotlight to this very video, “Round Whippin,” to show love to its highly-contrasted, black-and-white, abstract artfulness.


A member of creative collective MSFTSrep, Colombian artist ¿Téo? joined forces with its founder Jaden Smith to not only make their Prakruti EP together last year, but to share one-off “Uno Dos,” a rhythmic, bossa nova-esque track whose acoustic flair lends itself very well to the video’s naturalistic theme.

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