When an artist gets a gold or platinum certification, the celebration that follows usually comes in the form of a tweet, a party or, as is usually the case, media coverage (Hello!). For Jaden Smith, new-age master moonwalker, things have to go a little differently.

As announced this week, the RIAA bestowed the young star with a gold certification for his SYRE single “Icon,” thanks to sales of over 500,000 units. In a statement shared with his home label base Roc Nation, Jaden expressed, “I’m so happy that you guys allow me to be just me and give that to the world.” But for someone who is, as he says multiple times in the song, “just an icon living,” the celebration can’t stop there. And it didn’t. In full “Icon” galore, Smith decided and followed through with carrying his gold plaque around the 2018 Met Gala ball in New York City on Monday night (May 7), thus adding extra super saiyan-style glow around his aura.

The feat is fitting, especially as we witness the young fireball of energy come into his own, as he steadily transitions from lil’ bro to big homey (and he’s already feeling himself). So, as exciting as it is to see “Icon” go gold, that door opens up a new horizon for the talented Smith family. All of that said, here are a few other records from the “Icon” that also deserve some award-worthy shine.

A$AP Mob, “Perry Aye” (ft. Jaden Smith)

For those who weren’t sure, that’s Jaden Smith on the slurred and slowed hook of A$AP Mob’s brooding Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2 banger “Perry Aye.” It’s an odd record, but not in the traditional sense. Even with the distorted vocals and all-over-the-place raps from the crew, the two sides merge worlds and the end result is unadulterated fun.


“Life is a puzzle,” Jaden advises on this seven-freaking-minutes of cobbled-together ruminations. Just like his WTF? tweets that are laced with an absurdist depth—you know the kind, like when that one friend suddenly transforms into an enlightened philosopher when he or she gets high—this record immerses listeners into Jaden’s round-the-clock pondering. One minute he’s rapping about waiting for a significant other in Paris, and later SoHo House. The next, he’s singing about “sometimes” feeling like a slave, but alsoa star. By the end, you come to grips with these many feelings and thoughts at play because, when combined, the pieces of this puzzle illustrate a young man coming to terms with life and the understanding of his place in the world. Life is many things, but what you make of it is what seals your destiny. To reach that realization by the end of this seven-minute record is a testament to its shining quality.


If “Icon” can go gold, “Batman” should soon follow. Outside of its “Jumpman” comparisons and wooden flow, there’s a flavor here that’s bulletproof. Even though it’s nothing to spill over 250-500 words about, the song is just a good earworm—much like “Icon.” Yes, he’s wearing an otherworldly white Batman costume and rhyming lines like “I’m so fly, you mad at yourself,” but there’s a relatable charm here and, thanks to Jaden’s devil-may-care approach, it sticks.

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