Proving that the grind never stops, Styles P just dropped his ninth solo album, G-Host, and, on it, the 20-year vet wanted to be a master of ceremonies for the real ones he told told Charlamagne the God and Angela Yee during a visit to The Breakfast Club. The Juice for Life co-founder spoke on working with his son on his new album, real hip-hop, and his love for PETA.

On his album title: I called it G-Host because I felt like I was going to be a host to the gangsters and the gentlemen on this one. I was hosting some authentic hip-hop and I kind of wanted to talk. I think it’s an album for the old, the young, the conscious, the gangster, and somebody that just appreciates lyricism.

On working with his son on G-Host and his Nickel Bag EP: I’m proud of both of those two because my son produced on there. On both of those. He produced “Curb The Lames” on G-Host and “You Know” on Nickel Bag. My son [taught] me a lot though. That’s a good thing. He’ll be 20. My son told me something one day and it made hip-hop so understandable for me. He told me, ‘Y’all generation bops side to side. My generation goes up and down.’ It was crystal clear. That’s the difference.”

On what can be considered authentic hip-hop: Raw with you being yourself. Even if you’re gimmicky. If you’re authentic to the gimmick, that’s what you want to do and you’re not doing it because that’s what people want to see, but because it’s what you wanted to give off.

On wanting to work with PETA: I would love to work with PETA one day. I love PETA. I over-stand their cause and what it’s about, but somebody from where I’m from will never understand PETA’s message because they are too worried about what they are going to tell their kid when they get outside. Imagine if PETA hires people like us, from where we’re from, so they can be like, ‘Here’s what’s happening here, here’s what’s happening there and here’s how we bridge the gap.’

More of Styles P’s sit down with The Breakfast Club can be viewed above.