CeeLo Green’s star has soared to unfathomable heights, but the music legend says he’s far from having his head in the stratosphere. He has both Timbs planted firmly on the concrete, and his new record, “Brick Road,” not only commemorates a return of sorts for Lo, but also trumpets a new turn in his career.

“We recently dropped ‘Brick Road,’” Lo exclusively told REVOLT while in Atlanta. “Essentially, the song is to celebrate our newly-found independence. I’ve been with a major label the last 10 years or so. And it was an amicable split. It’s time to go on and grow from there. ‘Brick Road’ is a song metaphorically describing going back to the roots. In our culture, we have a term called ‘get it out the mud.’ That’s what the song is about: going back to the mud of the situation, going back to the clay, the core, the community and having that conversation, that dialogue. Retracing the roots and being reminded of what’s real.”

“Shot down, but I levitate,” he raps on the record. “An idle mind starts to contemplate / Razor blades making lifelines / Now I’m staring at an empty plate.”

Later, he lays a subtle melody on the hook. “I’m cookin’ up, cookin’ up, cookin’ up dope / It’s what you gotta do, when you gotta stay afloat…”

The visual for “Brick Road” features Raekwon and Maino and a few other surprises.

“We was in New York talking, it was around Grammy week this year,” Lo explained of the video. “A partner of mine—we call him ‘P,’ professionally known as ‘Success’—he put this play together for me, with a lot of strong relationships we had mutually. We was able to pull it off in a matter of days. It’s an amazing video. It’s simple but sufficient. To see me in the element, people are gonna appreciate it. It don’t look like I’m out of place. It all makes sense.”

CeeLo says his life as hustler spills out on the screen.

“Of course, for me to get to where I’m at in the game, I definitely hustled,” Lo added. “I’m a grindin’ muthafucka. Make no mistake. So with that, it’s all natural. I feel really comfortable to tell that story, not so literally. Figuratively and literally. For the people that want to see me in the raw, I want to be reminded of where it all started. Even an extension of me being an individual, like stemming from Goodie Mob, all the way we put it down for Atlanta like 20 years. For me to revisit, is like me going home. I still live in Atlanta, Georgia. My roots and family, my peoples is buried in Atlanta, Georgia so it’s all real talk to me.”

“Brick Road” debuts on REVOLT TV’s “The Gate” tonight at 12am ET / 9pm PT.