While advocating for criminal justice reform at a press conference earlier today, Meek Mill also recalled his days as a prescription drug addict.

In March he revealed to Rolling Stone that, around 2013, he’d developed an addiction to Percocet after being prescribed the opioid by a doctor upon getting his wisdom teeth pulled. After “several years,” he sough treatment and recovered.

Today, he detailed those days, specifically the struggle for addicts on probation.

“I think [there] should be a line drawn [between] where you have a drug problem and [where] you’re scared to tell your probation officer you have a drug problem because you don’t want to be sent to prison for years. And, actually, I would like to thank my probation officer. There was one point in my life I had a drug problem, years ago. And I told her I had a drug problem, and she asked me ‘Did I want help?’ and she put me in a rehabilitation program. And it changed my life.”

Earlier this week, Kanye West also detailed how he previously developed an opioid addiction.

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