Kanye West’s recent behavior has been a bit sporadic, and the world is attempting to collectively understand what exactly is going on. GLC, Kanye’s childhood friend and fellow G.O.O.D Music rapper (who is also featured on ‘Ye’s first two albums), has added fuel to the speculations that something just isn’t quite right with ‘Ye. “When I see those pictures, I be really concerned,” GLC told REVOLT TV in an interview before Kanye’s recent return to Twitter. “It bothers me because I love him. I love him like a brother.”

Not only does GLC think Kanye is acting a bit odd, but he wonders if something more serious might have happened.

“From the photographs [released around the time of his breakdown], it just seems like something is not right and something is not there,” he lamented. “It makes me wonder what ‘they’ have done to him and I don’t know who ‘they’ is, but it makes me feel like somebody did something to him, or somebody gave him something, or slipped him a mickey or something ’cause something ain’t right.”

When it comes to why he decided to come forward with his claims, the “Chi-State of Mind” rapper says it was his promise to Kanye’s late mother, Donda West. “I remember when his mom was like, ‘Don’t let them get my baby.’ She was like, ‘Protect my son.’ And I gave her my word I would do that.”

Knowing Kanye for over 20 years, The Ism is adamant that the people around ‘Ye are ignoring the signs that something has changed with the “All Falls Down” rapper.

“A lot of these people I see in the pictures with him, in the pictures smiling and acting like everything is normal, you can clearly look at this man’s face and see something isn’t right,” he said. “And none of y’all saying shit.”

Some time has passed since he last spoke to his former The Go Getters group member, but GL says it’s clear as day to him that something is up. “Right now I’m not really there so I don’t know, but I’m wise and I have understanding, so I can see.”

Despite not being able to pinpoint what exactly he feels has changed with his childhood friend, GLC says he’s not holding his tongue on expressing that ‘Ye’s not the same person he once knew. “[Of] course I’m going to say it, because it needs to be said,” he proclaimed. “I feel like people need to help him and get him some help ’cause something ain’t right, and I can see it clear as day.”

But there’s one thing that GL has said has never changed: Kanye’s perceived self-absorbed personality (and the public’s effort to try and understand it).

“Well, he’s always been egotistical,” GL said. “Because when you look at a person and you say they are arrogant, and people always say Kanye’s arrogant, anybody who really understands people, you know that arrogance is simply a shield for insecurity.”

GLC goes on to explain that he thinks Kanye’s perceived extreme confidence is just his way of empowering himself. “Due to the fact that you have to constantly tell yourself, ‘I’m great, I’m phenomenal,’ etc., that’s because in some instances you might not feel that way,” he said. “And if you can’t motivate yourself, then who can? And what’s wrong with empowering yourself?”

GL finds nothing wrong with Kanye’s cocky attitude and feels that anyone who does isn’t secure with their own self. “For him, that formula works, so I don’t see no flaw in it,” he said. “You are only offended by another person’s arrogance if you don’t know who you are. I don’t mind someone saying they’re great. I would much rather hear someone saying they’re great than to be walking around talkin’ ’bout, ‘I’m a piece of shit.’”

In regards to his former best friend’s wife Kim Kardashian and her famous clan, GL says he has no positive or negative feelings towards the family. “I don’t feel about them,” he said. “I’ve never watched the Kardashian show. Everyone knows about Kim early on, that was my introduction.”