T.I. to ‘The Breakfast Club’: “We as the Black delegation cannot afford to lose Kanye West”

T.I. speaks to The Breakfast Club about his time with a Trump-supporting Kanye West, his long-awaited ‘Dime Trap’ album, and more.

  /  05.02.2018

Kanye West has been the center of attention and controversy in the last few weeks. Leaving many fans, followers and even the haters to question his motives and mental. A chance and timely encounter with I Am A God superstar granted T.I. some long overdue time with his old pal. “I hadn’t talked to Ye probably since I had gotten out of prison,” admitted T.I. to The Breakfast Club.

After pulling up to Kanye’s compound the next day, not only did he attempt to talk some sense into Ye, but he also tried to garner at least some sort of understanding of where Ye says he’s coming from nowadays. T.I. said he told him, “People believe in you, see you in a certain way and support you, and then you go and support someone who is directly against them. It’s like you’re supporting the enemy.”

Although many people feel like Kanye is straight up bugging out, T.I. he gave the “Swagga Like Us” producer the benefit of the doubt. “I’m sure you got something that’s going to make this all make sense in my head, I just got to hear it,” Tip recounted to Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy.

Following a four-hour discussion, which Tip says happened from the time of his arrival at Kanye’s crib, the two rap legends, who first collaborated on Tip’s cult classic Trap Music, hit the studio. Released over the weekend, and a day after it was crafted, “Ye vs The People” (with Tip speaking for the concerned public) finds Kanye further defending his stance on his love of Donald Trump and being a “free thinker” in the face of T.I.’s opposition.

Aside from all of the Kanye madness, T.I. also spoke on being a man of the people and gave an update on his Dime Trap album.

On Kanye’s reasoning behind his recent actions: “He said, ‘Just being a free thinker, man. I just feel free to think whatever it is my mind leads me to think without some monolithic view of what society wants me to think.’”

On if Kanye was on a drug: “I didn’t get no signs of an inebriated state of mind.”

On advice for Kanye: “He needs a translator.”**

On Kanye’s reasoning behind wearing the MAGA hat: “He said, ‘Man, my subconscious spoke to my conscious and it just moved me to wear the hat.”

On his thoughts while hearing what Kanye was saying: “Just imagine. Right now, I’m looking and I’m trying not to trip. And plus it’s Kanye. He doesn’t seem malicious. It seems extremely sincere and passionate. It don’t seem like nothing he doing for a stunt.”

On being a man of the people: “I’ve always considered myself a voice for the voiceless, but to have other people beside me consider it is really dope.”

On if he still loves music: “Absolutely. I just ain’t put nothing out. I got tons of music. Dime Trap still coming. I got tons of music. I record every day.”

On Dime Trap’s delay: “Just waiting to feel like it, for real. The work that goes with putting out an album – I got so many other things going on as far as producing and developing television shows and films. Hustle Gang, I was dedicating a lot of my time to developing and cultivating their talents.”

Hear more about T.I.’s time with Kanye West in the video above.



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