Drink Champs Happy Horus is coming back with volcanic heat. Season 3 of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s hit show kicks off at 10 p.m. Thursday (May 3) on REVOLT TV, welcoming guests rapper Casanova and “Lifestyle Specialist” Kenny Burns.

The conversation is explosive and the topics focus heavily on some of the most urgent current events including the controversies surrounding Juelz Santana, 6ix9ine, Chris Brown and Fabolous. Elsewhere, they also talk about etiquette when pursuing someone who is already involved.

“I think it’s some shit going on with these sucka ass niggas and these Thots targeting your girl or your man,” Burns vented. “That be the sucka ass shit in this industry. If you know somebody, that’s their muthafuckin baby moms or their live-in or their spouse, leave them alone.”

“Nobody wants somebody nobody wants,” Casanova interjected.

“At the same time, respect the rules,” Burns retorted. “It’s some dirty dick niggas out here going after everything possible.”

Cas had his own philosophy.

“Every girl each and every one of us wanted, beforehand, was somebody’s girl,” he rationalized. “Before marriage, you looked at somebody’s girl and said ‘like, if I had her, it’d be lit.’ And when it falls in your lap, you really don’t care. If this is not your friend, who gives a fuck? It’s wrong if this is your friend, but we learn ain’t no friends in this industry.”

Do you side with Burns, or are you feeling Cas’ point of view? Weigh in tomorrow during “Drink Champs Happy Hour” at 10 p.m.