“The Internet is noisy because of the kids, so my job as a veteran is to cut through the noise,” said Royce Da 5’9″ during this morning’s sit-down with The Breakfast Club. The interview covered his new album Book of Ryan (due May 4)—“It’s my most autobiographical project to date”—as well as how helpful therapy has been for him and his thoughts on his Slaughterhouse crew member Joe Budden’s comments on Eminem (“I felt like he went too far.”) Check out some the excerpts below from the entertaining chat between the Detroit MC and Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy.

On Book of Ryan‘s title and its vulnerability: It’s my most autobiographical project to date. You know how when JAY-Z came out with Reasonable Doubt and he said it took him basically his entire life up until that point to write that album? This is that album for me. It explains exactly who I am….When I stopped drinking six years ago, I started getting all of these memories. I started reflecting. I started getting all of these memories. I started going to therapy. Walking out of therapy, I started feeling good getting all that stuff off of my chest. So why not do it creatively? Plus, it’s easier for me to get past it if I can get it out. There’s a lot of personal stuff that I feel like made me who I am today, good and bad, that if I just get off my chest I can just move on. I’ll probably never do another album this personal.

On why he raps so much: You gotta kind of keep up, right? This is what the kids are doing. They aren’t even mixing that shit at this point. They’re just like record it and put it out….I’ve never been one of those guys into gimmicks and doing things for attention. Anytime I’ve wanted to garner attention, I’ve just rapped my way to it.

On an unexpected artist that he likes: I like Uzi. It’s not always about the bars. Especially as an artist. When you can tell that somebody is good at what they do, there’s a level of respect there. I respect talent.

On therapy: I go at least twice a week. Black people, we don’t get the tools. We don’t know about therapy. We think it’s corny. If only we realized how much it helps.

On Joe Budden’s comments towards Eminem: I felt like he went too far. I feel like he’s entitled to his opinion. It’s just the verbiage. There’s a difference between me saying ‘I ain’t really feeling that’ and ‘that’s trash.’

The Breakfast Club’s Royce Da 5’9” interview can be watched in its entirety above.