On Saturday (April 28), Kanye West took to Twitter to reveal that he was considering using the mugshot of Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who worked on West’s mother prior to her passing, as the cover for his next album.

In a screenshot of a text message conversation with a person named “Wes,” Kanye can be seen saying, “This is my album cover….Do you have any title ideas? I want to forgive and stop hating.”

“Wes” can be seen offering up the phrase “LOVE EVERYONE” as a suggestion for the album title, to which ‘Ye responds, “I love that.”

However, it appears Adams himself has gotten wind of ‘Ye’s plans, and has since responded.

In an open letter obtained by TheBlast.com, that Kanye himself then shared on Twitter, Adams writes to the rapper, not only asking that he “cease and desist” using his image, but to also attempt to clear his name in the death of West’s mother, a death he feels he was wrongly blamed for.

Adams reminds ‘Ye that a coroner ruled his mother died from “heart disease while suffering from ‘multiple post-operative factors.’” He then points the finger at several other people whose actions he feels contributed not just to misreporting, but to his mother’s fatal complications: the coroner that “feared litigation,” TMZ’s Harvey Levin for “lying” and not “correct[ing] his mistake” in reporting, Donda’s nurse for going to a “baby shower” (therefore leaving Donda’s longtime friend Glenda Lee inept at executing proper care, including the imperative directive to “elevate the head of her bed 30 degrees”), and Kanye’s cousin Stephan Scoggins, a fellow doctor, who was to be the “primary care provider” for Donda post-surgery, but who “left the home” and “did not return.”

The letter appeared to provide some closure for West, who tweeted, “This is amazing. Thank you so much for this connection brother. I can’t wait to sit with you and start healing.”