Questlove is representative of many, many Kanye West fans in the wake of the rapper’s self-declaration of love for Donald Trump, with the Roots drummer even going as far as to consider leaving Twitter once and for all.

Instead, at a Roots gig Friday night (April 27), the Philadelphia native chose to make a statement in the physical world, donning a t-shirt featuring a slogan inspired both by West’s Life of Pablo tour merch design and his famous comment about George W. Bush, during which he claimed the then-president “doesn’t care about Black people.”

The shirt, which reads “Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Black People,” further adds to the ongoing dialogue this week, with many fans feeling confused, angry and overall alienated by Yeezy’s unrelenting vocal support of the current president.

Earlier in the week, Questlove shared with BuzzFeed that he almost had to leave Twitter as a result of West’s recent remarks (and MAGA hat-wearing selfie).

“Him embracing a president that embraces white supremacy and…I don’t know,” he said, reacting to West’s recent antics. “I can’t. Twitter is losing their mind. For the first time yesterday, I thought I was done, and I went to sleep before midnight. I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

Take a look at Questlove’s latest statement, below.