Kanye West has been commanding headlines all week, especially in the wake of his recent outpouring of support for President Trump.

Taking to Twitter, which is increasingly becoming a daily habit for the once-reclusive rapper, West shared a photo of Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma González Saturday night (April 28), referring to her to his millions of followers as his “hero.”

While the comment didn’t seem to win over many of his new, fellow MAGA supporters, with some even saying “Andddd you lost us” or digitally booing him, the Florida teen herself didn’t appear all too impressed with the late night shout out.

In response, González chose to instead post whom she considers her hero, sharing a photo of James Shaw Jr., the man who recently saved lives for interfering and disarming an active shooter at a Waffle House.

West soon followed up his original tweet with a selfie showing off his buzzed haircut, adding the caption, “Inspired by Emma.”

With West’s posts still holding the mainstream audience’s attention, Twitter users from all political sides and perspectives are keeping the conversation going online.

Meanwhile, artists such as Nipsey Hussle and Questlove are reacting to West’s latest political commentary during their live sets. Take a look at how Nipsey Hussle is responding in the clip above and see Questlove’s latest statement, here.