Just days after one of today’s most revered rappers made headlines for a number of reasons—including making album announcements, co-signing a controversial conservative personality, and “loving” Donald Trump—Louis Farrakhan is sending a message out to hip-hop artists.

The Nation of Islam head took to Instagram on Wednesday (April 25) to share his opinion that “hip-hop artists are leaders and now must become teachers.”

He said in the shared clip,

“But we can call each other bitches and whores and MFs and this and that all day long, and they promote it and they give us money and we can wear all the bling that we’ve ever wanted to have, and we think because the money makes us materially better that it means that we’re right. So today, in my talking to our artists, I’m trying to get them to subtly make a change because they are leaders. Now I want the leader to become a teacher and begin to change the reality of Black life by the power of the spoken word.