No one can captivate like Kanye West. Whether it be his music, onstage performances, social media posts, or walks to the gym, the legendary MC keeps everyone tuned into his activities and makes people talk.

Yesterday, West created a hailstorm of controversy when he revealed and elaborated on his “love” for Donald Trump, called the current Commander-in-Chief his “brother,” and posted a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, bragging that Trump signed it. To top it off, he threw a shot at former president Barack Obama, stating that during his eight years in office, “nothing” in Chicago changed.

In the age of Black Panther and “Wankanda Forever,” this simply won’t fly. Everyone was certainly shocked by Kanye’s candor and many of West’s fans were highly disappointed, voicing their disdain on social media. Celebrities have also spoken out in the aftermath.

DJ Kay Slay shared that Kanye was “breaking my heart,” while Snoop Dogg was much more harsh, posting of a photo of ‘Ye and demanding his followers: “Get ya mans!” Nigga if you don’t snap out of it. Get Out 2.” Ironically, Get Out‘s writer and director Jordan Peele said on Twitter that we was, in fact, inspired to write a sequel after West shared a photo of an all-white room in his house and jokingly referred to it as the “sunken place.”

John Legend, who first came to prominence as an artist signed to ‘Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music label was more diplomatic in his response saying tweeting that Trump’s campaign “embraced white supremacy” and that “artists can’t be blind to the truth.”

Yesterday at the National Action Network in Manhattan, Reverend Al Sharpton weighed in on Kanye’s comments as well as explained why Trump should vacate the White House immediately.

“I’ve known Donald Trump for 30 years. Marched on him about the Central Park case. Fought with him on other things, then he turned Democrat and came to our National Action Network Convention,” Sharpton began to explain. “I’ve been watching him the last year. We’ve been certainly on his case. I look at Donald Trump and I say he can’t handle the job. Not only what he’s done against Blacks, I think he’s inept. So, I join Kanye. I love Donald Trump which is why I want him to rest. Leave the White House. Let’s put him somewhere and rest. He’s delirious. He can’t handle it. I love him so much, I want to tuck him away and let somebody run the country that knows how to do that. So Kanye, I love him, too. If you really love him, let’s move him out the White House.”