Kanye West is no stranger to crossing the line of controversy and then drawing a new one in the sand, just to cross it again. However, his latest spree of rampant tweeting is proving to be a difficult one for fans and frequent collaborators alike to stand behind.

Earlier Wednesday (April 25) ‘Ye took to Twitter, which he recently revived earlier this month and declared would be home to his “living philosophy book,” posting a variety of tweets that, once again, defend his support of President Donald Trump, even going as far as to post a selfie alongside music executives Lyor Cohen and Lucian Grainge wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. He soon followed up the post with another, revealing that his “MAGA hat is signed.”

The conversation only has grown from there, with West trending well into the evening hours. Earlier in the day, he appeared to have almost 28 million followers, a number that has since visibly decreased to 18 million. However, a Twitter spokesperson shared in a statement that the self-described “free thinker” remains at around 27 million followers and the inconsistency “should be resolved soon.”

In the meantime, a handful of celebrities and thousands of fans have weighed in on West’s latest series of tweets, including the president, his wife Kim Kardashian and fellow collaborators, Chance the Rapper and John Legend. West also began sharing screenshots of various texts he’s received since firing off his latest tweets, further adding fuel to the fire.

While his wife and Chance came to the defense of West for being entitled to his own opinions, others do not share such a perspective, leaving many fans conflicted as to if his unwavering support of Donald Trump marks the end of the era of defending and cheering on one of the most creative and talented rappers of our time.

To recap, here are the controversial tweets in question:

Donald Trump:

Kim Kardashian:

John Legend:

Chance the Rapper:

And, of course, see what some of his fans are saying: