Birds will fly. The Diplomats just announced their summer tour and promised all four members will be at the outing. While their fans are yelling #SquadGoals, the Dips’ Capo Jim Jones continues to wave the flag for his team as well pump his solo endeavor Wasted Talent.

The Harlem hustler expounded on his aspirations while stopping by REVOLT TV’s New York offices.

“My goals? Continue to make great music as long as I can be relevant out here,” he said after some thought. “Push forward my business and ideas. Take care of my son. Take care of my family. Hold my family down.

“I got a little bit older so I’m a little smarter,” he added. “I try to lead by example as much as I can. I ain’t no muthafuckin angel as everybody knows, and shit like that. For the most part, I try to be as fair as I can out here. I need help, too. My aggression has put me in a lot of situations that wasn’t always good. As we’re getting older, I’ve seen that [having a reputation for being too aggressive], it fucks up some of the money, fucks up some of the business. My son can see all of this shit because everything is on social media… I’m still the same person. I wouldn’t advise anybody to egg me on. That wouldn’t be the best thing for you to do. But I’m trying to keep it cool and fair out here.”