“We have to speak truth,” said United States Senator Kamala Harris during today’s The Breakfast Club visit. “This is a moment in time that’s actually requiring all of us to check ourselves about whether or not we have the courage to speak and to speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes some people feel.”

The Oakland native, who was the first Black woman to be elected District Attorney and the first woman and African-American ever elected as Attorney General in the state of California, discussed several hot topic issues while she sat with Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy. The Howard University alum’s interview touched on her support for more gun control and the decriminalization of marijuana, as well as her start into politics.

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On why she got into politics: I grew up in a community of folks who were marching and shouting, and I said, yes, there is an important role to play on the outside banging down the door, trying to change the system. But we also have to be inside the room where the decisions are being made. I ran for District Attorney, because I wanted to be the one who was making decisions about what we were going to do about criminal justice policy.

On marijuana being legalized: We need to decriminalize marijuana. We have a problem with mass incarceration in the country. And let’s be clear, the war on drugs is a failed war. It was misdirected. Now more people are understanding when we are talking about the opioid epidemic that when you are talking about substance abuse, that’s a public health matter. That should not be thought of as a criminal justice matter.

On technology’s impact on criminal justice reform: It is highlighting the need to reform the criminal justice system around recognizing that we need to do a better job at training police officers around bias, use of force, around the necessity to de-escalate a situation instead of using force.

On gun control: I’m in favor of the Second Amendment. I also want smart gun safety laws. Assault weapons shouldn’t be walking the streets of a civilized country. We should have universal background checks. It makes sense.

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More of Kamala Harris’ chat with DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God can be watched above.