Eminem hit a massive life milestone this weekend, taking to social media to celebrate the deeply personal moment with his fans.

Per Em, the rapper has officially reached his tenth year of sobriety, commemorating the achievement with a post showcasing his sobriety coin, which signifies a decade-long commitment to living without alcohol and drugs.

“Celebrated my 10 years yesterday,” the 45-year-old rapper simply stated, taking to Twitter on Saturday (April 21) to commemorate the accomplishment.

After sharing the news, his fellow Bad Meets Evil collaborator, Royce Da 5’9, who is also on his own sobriety journey, commented on the inspiring milestone.

“Happy sobriety birthday to my mentor @Eminem,” Royce posted. “Keep fighting the good fight homie … I love you for life.”

Eminem has been fighting addiction, specifically with prescription pills, for a large chunk of his life, choosing to embrace a sober lifestyle on April 20, 2008. He previously has addressed how he experienced a methadone overdose in 2007, commenting on the eye-opening incident during his 2009 album, Relapse, a project that marked his first creative release since getting clean, and later led to his 2010 release, Recovery.

Eminem released his latest album, Revival, back in December 2017. The project used marketing materials related to prescription drugs during its promotional period, further showcasing how the battle with addiction doesn’t necessarily end once one chooses to commit to sobriety.

Congrats to Eminem on 10 years!