Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and boxer Adrien Broner have been trading shots on Instagram all week, with their tension escalating with each post.

The beef began making headlines when Broner ended up matching 6ix9ine’s $300,000 bet against him that he’d lose his fight on Saturday (April 21) against Jessie Vargas. Broner also pulled up on 6ix9ine’s jeweler, adding fuel to the fire and pointing out that 6ix9ine still has to “get his money up” because he only “just got money this year.”

The fight in question, which went down last night in New York, didn’t result in 6ix9ine and Broner fighting on the side or anything crazy but did take an interesting turn at the start of the night.

As 6ix9ine watched live from his car, Broner decided to match the rapper’s troll levels, entering the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to 6ix9ine’s track, “Gummo.” The move definitely got a reaction from 6ix9ine, who seemed to enjoy the attention and remain unbothered.

6ix9ine also previously requested that Broner “check in” with him when he got to Brooklyn but it looks like the rapper is keeping a safe distance, watching the fight from his car instead of going to the venue to attend the fight in person.

As far as their bet goes, neither opponent won. The match between Broner and Vargas was called in a majority draw, 114-114.

Take a look at Tekashi 6ix9ine reacting to Adrien Broner’s entrance music, below.