As we circle back around for another edition of Behind the Moment, we’re teaming up with talented photographer Spudds Mckenzie – better known as Spudds or Mckenzie. This 27-year-old creative received his name from a young fight with a neighborhood bully that left a potato-sized knot on his forehead, leading all the kids to call him by his last name .

In 2013, Spudds moved to Atlanta to escape the poverty and crime that was stationary in his community. Around that same time he picked up an old hobby: photography.

“It’s magic,” Spudds tells us. “I was self-taught to create.”

You can find Spudds working with #GenerationNow and guiding creative direction for their artists (Jack Harlow, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil James , Skeme, Lyquin & Killiminati). Follow @Spuddsmckenzie on Instagram for more!