Will Smith is the king of Instagram, that’s the first and final. By now, you’ve more than likely made the conscious decision to follow him on Instagram. However, before you end this read, Smith’s YouTube page will eventually make that ‘Subscribe’ list.

Like his IG, Smith’s YouTube experience is worth the time spent as he takes viewers into his many adventures, as well as walks through memory lane. He labels the latter “Storytime,” and his latest video finds the star recalling the time he met the one and only Michael Jackson.

As he tells it, the story takes place at the BET Awards one year, and the entire night, the actor was figuring out ways to meet Jackson, who was in attendance. While the task seemed possible, considering the fact that they were at the same award show, it took a Suge Knight incident backstage for them to actually meet.

Obviously, Smith tells the story much better, so watch him explain below.