Since the start of the year, SooVegaz has been busy dropping visuals from his current project, ADHD. Sure dropping a project is one thing, but the road to get there is one that speaks louder volumes. Speaking on his rise, as well as on the project, here’s what he had to share.

How has music become your calling ?

I’ve always enjoyed the art of music. Growing up, I was surrounded by music influences because my older brother was an artist. [Also] as a young teen, my best friend who died had a studio set up in his back room and was heavily into production. It was never a plan or a thought that I could actually get this far, but the day I lost my best friend I realized I could no longer just have music as a hobby and had to turn what we thought was fun into a actual lifestyle. So in a way, music actually called me.

As a newcomer, speak on your experiences in breaking into the music industry and how that journey has since worked out?

At one point in my career, I didn’t have many believers and that included my friends, family, and associates — and maybe that’s because I needed to boost the belief in myself. Joining this industry is a risk. There’s no promise. There’s no guarantee. There’s no for certain paycheck. There’s no set amount of money you could make. When you make a choice to take on this lifestyle, you have to put 100% of your energy into this to make something out of it , because there is no plan B. Being an independent artist with no machine behind you is the most challenging thing an artist could do. I would give everything i have into this, I would go sleepless nights for sessions, going broke paying for promos, spend my last to get to events to show my face — i mean literally put in my all for a risk and not see any automatic progress or recoup.

I would talk to my mom daily and she’d always ask the same question: “why do you give this all you’ve got?” I never really had an answer because, well, how can you answer that. How can you put your all into something not receive anything back from it and then answer honestly why you continue to do it . She actually made me feel like I was going insane. The definition of insanity is: “Doing the same thing over and receiving the same result.”

How did that thought process fuel your new record “GS Mode?”

So when I made the record “GS Mode” I found my answer and I put it in the chorus of the song: “She ask me why I give this all I got, I told her I feel this is all I got / And you know that I won’t stop, I put that shit on God/ Swear I do this for my squad, do this shit for the Gang, do this shit for the squad !” And I meant it! It’s a mental reminder record, it keeps up your inner self inspiration. That record was to remind me or anyone for that matter, it’s okay to put your all into your outcome. Don’t let nobody’s opinions about your life passions stop you from reaching your goals. Be reminded constantly who or what you do it for . That’s why it puts people in that “GS MODE.” Every time they listen, that song has its own spirit.

What impact do you hope to make in music?

To hope is great, but I know I will leave behind a legacy of fearlessness. I’m going to show the world, but specifically my generation and younger because we are the ones in need of guidance. But I’m going to show them that with a goal and a plan, anything in this world is obtainable. Once you put that into existence, it falls into action. I have knowledge to share with my generation, so I plan for my impact to be more effective then any artist in our current youth culture.