It’s been less than two days since J. Cole announced the release of his upcoming album, K.O.D., and he only gave fans a few days to prepare considering it drops this Friday (April 20). But the rapper has built even more anticipation today upon revealing the LP’s artwork, tracklist and featured guests just moments ago.

Brian “B. Dot” Miller, of Tidal’s Rap Radar podcast, previously shared that the album title’s acronym had three different meanings—”kidz on drugz,” “king overdose,” and “kill our demonz”—and the project’s artwork reflects that. The painting-inspired images feature Cole in the form of a king, but under his cloak sit both skeleton heads and kids taking pills, sipping Lean, and snorting drugs.

And though, additionally, an interlude is titled “Once an Addict,” a message on the front of the LP makes very clear: “This album is in no way intended to glorify addiction.”

The 12-track LP boasts only one guest, the unfamiliar and unsearchable Kill Edward, who appears on tracks “The Cut Off” and “Friends.” Hmm.

‘K.O.D.’ arrives Friday, April 20.