Just a few weeks after dropping self-described “throwaway” track “Okra,” Tyler, the Creator has delivered another one-off. “Rose-Tinted Cheeks” is a warm, synthy, and soulful cut that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Flower Boy, which is exactly where the rapper admitted it was supposed to live.

Tyler took to Twitter to say:

“Back when working on [‘Flower Boy’], it was a song I never finished or went back to. I’ve had in laying around and figured I just put it out as the demo/ rough draft it is. Not really mixed or anything. Those vocals on the hook obvi[ously] would have been a girl who could actually sing haha, it’s a ref[erence] y’all i just come up with it. Wish I finished it, it’s warm, maybe I will idk prolly not, later.”

On the track, Tyler finds himself at the mercy of an unrequited love’s beauty:

“I never had the courage to tell you I adore you / I did it in a song, I was too afraid to call you / I’m sorry I know I’m annoying / I just want your attention / Ever since I saw you, knew nothing was important / Your gravity is too strong it’s fucking up my orbit / Contact avoided by the time I record this / I just want you to listen / Every time I see you, you brighten up my day / You’re cashmere to my cotton and I wished you felt the same / More options in the alphabet, I know ill be OK / No I won’t / It’s them rose tinted cheeks.”