“It’s hard to tell you what’s going on here because we don’t really know,” Meek Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina said. What we do know is that Meek Mill is currently serving time due to, as Tacopina puts it, a “bullshit probation violation,” that the Philly rapper’s defense collective is fighting tirelessly to overturn.

There have been rallies led by the Rev. Al Sharpton, shoutouts from JAY-Z & Beyoncé, and support pouring in from all over, including the Philadelphia district attorney’s office. And this week, he was granted a new trial. Yet, there has been no release for the Dream Chaser. The unique details of Meek Mill’s case have left his veteran lawyer seemingly dumbfounded. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my 25 years,” Tacopina told Angela Yee and DJ Envy during this morning’s visit to The Breakfast Club. “Nothing close.” While there, he also spoke on the rumors that Meek would be released this week, Nicki Minaj’s comments about Judge Genece Brinkley, and the arresting officer being exposed as a dirty cop.

On rumors Meek was going to be released this week “I don’t know how that happened. It was one of those internet rumors that took on a life of its own. But we had no real optimism that he was getting out.”

On Nicki Minaj saying she wouldn’t badmouth Judge Genece Brinkley “Listen, there were five witnesses there when Meek and Nicki came out of chambers, and they immediately huddled up and both of them told this story to five witnesses.

Nicki right now is in a different spot with Meek, as well all know. I don’t think it’s been a well-kept secret. Her motivations and agendas right now are none of my concern. If it needs to be proven, we can prove obviously anything we say.”

On Meek’s arresting officer being a dirty cop “You have a situation here where the district attorney and the prosecutor – who normally fights with the defense – agreed that Meek Mill’s conviction from 2008 should be thrown out, because of constitutional violations, because the cop who arrested him and beat him unconscious and lied about the facts of the case was on a list of cops who were dirty.”

On wanting the judge removed from the case “It’s clear she doesn’t belong on this case. Imagine this. She now knows the FBI investigates her based on complaints made by Meek’s legal team. How could she sit in judgment of that guy who calls the FBI to look into her? How could she sit in judgment of someone who she hired a lawyer to threaten? How could she sit in judgment fairly and impartially? It’s a joke.”

On why he should be out on bail “The district attorney is now saying we are going to move and join in the motion to have this case overturn. Let him out in bail now. At one point she said he was a flight risk. Where is Meek Mill going to go?”

To learn more about Meek Mill’s case, watch the rest of his attorney’s interview with The Breakfast Club above.